About Ecotech.

About Ecotech

Eco (Saving the Planet) + Technology = Ecotech.

Ecotech™ was founded in 2014 to save trash designated for landfills and turn it into new plastics that can be recycled again and again.

We save over 30 million pounds of plastic from landfills per year. That’s equivalent to more than 120 blue whales, 375 fully loaded semitrucks, 2,000 male Asian elephants, or 238,095 king salmon.

About Ecotech

Why we began Ecotech.

We began Ecotech™ because we saw a significant gap in recycling in the United States. The most common items recycled in the country are cardboard, paper, boxes, mail, cans, glass, and plastic bottles and caps. Enough companies recycle those items. Enough companies take that recycled matter and turn it into new products. Not enough companies tackle hard plastics. Not enough companies recycle their own plastics, make new advanced resins, and make new products. We wanted to do it all with trash no one else would touch so that we could make an impact.

About Ecotech

The tech in Ecotech.

As we dug through the processes we needed to undertake and the goals we wanted to achieve, we thought about saving energy and resources so that our carbon footprint would be as small as possible. We knew the recycling we wanted to do would be challenging, and it had to be innovative; if it were easy, more companies would work with the plastics designated with a 2, 5, and 7 code. We wanted the products to be fully recyclable; otherwise, why were we doing this? Also, we wanted to help change the perceptions of recycled products by focusing on trends and unique and functional product design. By doing this, maybe we could convert people who weren’t looking at recycled products before to look at them now.

All of those goals and dreams led to the technology we built at EcotechEcotech ™ FullCircle. At Ecotech™, we take pride in every piece of resin we produce. Ecotech™ FullCircle resins are the secret ingredient in our innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly products. Our Ecotech™ FullCircle manufacturing process allows us to control every step. Because quality is everything to us, it drives longer-lasting products, leading to less global plastic waste, the ultimate in upcycling.

You see trash. We see materials.