Ecotech FullCircle resin.

Ecotech FullCircle resin

Quality is critical.

At Ecotech™, quality is critical in every part of our Ecotech™ FullCircle process. When starting Ecotech™ manufacturing efforts, we could’ve found resins that said they were recycled. They could’ve even had RCS certifications. But we wouldn’t know the exact materials blended to make that resin or how strong it was. We didn’t like that. We realized we needed to focus on our resins first to ensure that our products started as strong as possible.

Ecotech FullCircle resin

We know what we are made of.

Making our Ecotech™ FullCircle resins lets us know precisely what they are made of. We can verify what products were recycled to make the pellets at any time. That is how traceable our supply chain is. If we were to buy market resins, we wouldn’t know what it was made of and if it was any good. Making our resins takes that question right out of the equation. This brings our quality to another level.

Our resins are reliable and consistent, allowing for additional quality controls and more robust consumer products. Clients come to us with plastic products they’ve had to recall due to weak plastics. They’ve had us recycle those products and remake them with our resins. That tells you something right there: Our Ecotech™ FullCircle resins are better.

Our Ecotech FullCircle resins are better