The Ecotech FullCircle process.

Our process

A Ecotech FullCircle, closed-loop process.

They say, “Process is a product,” and at Ecotech™, our process is something we are incredibly proud of. When we began Ecotech™, in 2014, we wanted a vertical, closed-loop facility. We knew we wanted to be transparent and Recycled Standard Certified (RCS) to ensure that our supply chain was traceable. We knew we wanted to be at the forefront of design, breaking stereotypes of what recycled products were thought to be and what they actually can be. We knew that our processes had to be nailed down so that we could focus on innovation in recycling, manufacturing, and design. Here is our process in 10 steps:

What we recycle, we turn into new products ... the ultimate in upcycling. That is sustainability the Ecotech way.