Can you recycle this?

Innovative solutions

If we don’t know, we figure it out.

Our clients know that we love a challenge. One question we often hear is, “Can you recycle this?” If we don’t see how, we will figure it out. We have created product lines from that question more times than we can count. This passion for problem-solving is a core belief that makes us unique. We are constantly pursuing innovative ways to keep hard-to-recycle plastics out of landfills and waterways to reduce the current spiral of waste.

Innovative solutions

Innovation in product development.

Our product development design team has experience working in nationally recognized brands’ in-house teams and as part of Ecotech™. Their passion for sustainable design matches their energy for changing the world. Our newest product launch, coolers made with 100 percent post-consumer waste, can also be entirely recycled after use and is the only cooler of its kind. What’s more, they don’t rest on sustainability as a sales point. They are also innovators in design, making sure that Ecotech™ products are trend-forward, expertly designed, and leave no waste after use.

Innovative solutions

Innovation in manufacturing.

Recently a client came to Ecotech™ with a product made of plastic and metal, which generally causes issues because the two materials have traditionally caused many challenges when recycling together. We developed a patent-pending system to ensure that the two materials remain separate. We also found a partner to take the metal and recycle it—a win-win situation for our client, us, a new partner, and the ecosystem.

Another client came to us with a lot of waste that had never been recycled. The question was: could we recycle it? After some trial and error, we determined the entire lot could be recycled and made into groundbreaking products. Watch Ecotech™ for more on that, as this story is still developing.

Innovative solutions

Innovation in energy use.

Traditional manufacturing uses a lot of energy. The energy isn’t always wisely spent, which leads to a waste of materials, resources, and time. Ecotech™ FullCircle manufacturing uses cutting-edge technology and advanced automation to ensure that every watt and kilowatt is used to its fullest potential.

Using every watt and kilowatt to its fullest potential.