Ecotech FullCircle.

We recycle because

We all know plastic pollution is a global problem.

To us, recycling isn’t just taking plastic trash to make more bottles or bags that may end up as more trash.

Recycling is stopping a waste spiral, keeping more trash out of the landfills and waterways, protecting all of the world’s inhabitants, and reusing materials over and over again in a constant cycle of recycling and creation we call FullCircle by Ecotech.

You see trash...we see materials. You see a tired or broken product ... we see the next great innovation. They say something is too difficult to recycle ... we say bring it on.


Ecotech FullCircle.

Ecotech™ is a vertical recycler and product manufacturer. We are the inventor of a closed-loop manufacturing system called Ecotech™ FullCircle. Read about our processes and what makes Ecotech™ FullCircle revolutionary in our sustainability efforts.

When we talk about changing the world, we don’t have unattainable dreams; we are talking about reality. Most recyclers focus on the items that are easiest to recycle. We don’t. We focus on things the other guys don’t. Ecotech™ is proud to recycle any PP, PC, or HDPE waste-stream items classified with 2, 5, and 7. RCS certification allows us to pinpoint what materials and products make up each resin lot and, in turn, each product we manufacture. Traceability and transparency are critical to our sustainability and quality efforts.

Ecotech FullCircle

Made in the USA.

Ecotech™ recycles and makes all of our products in the United States. Our Ecotech™ FullCircle process occurs in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Colton and Mira Loma, California. Our factories are based in the United States to ensure efficient shipping, quality control, and proximity to our U.S.-based product development team, which develops cutting-edge solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about Ecotech™ FullCircle, our capabilities, or how you can partner with us to change the world, click here.

You see trash. We see materials.