Full of quality.


Our Ecotech FullCircle processes ensure quality the entire way.

Recycled products can be seen as inferior to conventionally manufactured products. They are sometimes seen as weaker, less functional, or somewhat degraded. This concept needs to change.

Ecotech™ has great pride in our innovative recycling, quality, and design methods. We don’t see recycled products as lesser in any way. We view them as superior and make great efforts to make sure that our products are held to the same standard as any other product in the marketplace.


RCS certified.

Ecotech™ products are all RCS certified. That means the resins we create to make our products are fully traceable, from when the original material entered our facilities to be given new life as a product. While that may not seem like a quality issue, it is. Due to traceability, we can precisely control the quality of our resins.

Enter our Ecotech™ FullCircle Lab.

Our quality-control processes start before products are manufactured. Each of our Ecotech™ facilities features its own testing lab. Having traceable resins allows us to control our quality and consistency.

We follow the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). Our lab tests for melt flow (ASTM D1238), impact (ASTM D256), and heavy metal (ASTM F963-11).


Quality in every step.

We move into production after the lab verifies that the resins exceed our standards. If there are resins we aren’t happy with, we will sell those to other manufacturers that can use those resins.

Many of our clients have their own Acceptance Quality Level (AQL) that we are happy to meet.

Our quality control processes start before products are manufactured.