Taking sustainability further.

Efficiency in automation

We care about more than recycling.

Making positive impacts on our planet ripples through every moment of our lives, at home and work.

Recycling is a crucial part of being responsible for our future, but there is also a lot more we can do.

Ecotech™ facilities in Arkansas and California have been built and structured to stretch every resource we use to its fullest potential. The most significant resource used in the United States is energy. We do not take that information or our use of it lightly.

Efficiency in automation

Lights-out manufacturing at Ecotech is changing the game.

At Ecotech™, we have set up state-of-the-art processes and machinery to recycle and manufacture quality products, use resources efficiently, help our workforce, and lower our carbon footprint. Ecotech™ features lights-out manufacturing in select rooms at our facilities in California and Arkansas. Our Colton, California, factory is fully lights-out. We still have a workforce we value and utilize, but dark manufacturing allows for increased sustainability and, thus, efficiency.

Efficiency in automation

Lights-out benefits!

Although the initial cost investment is high, the benefits to the earth are immeasurable. We have seen an incredible impact since introducing dark manufacturing to Ecotech™:

The most significant resource used in the US is energy. We do not take that information or our use lightly.